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Feb 26, 2013 6:00pm EST
equity firm the blackstone group. joining us is john nichols whose latest piece is, "the austerity agenda: an electoral loser." it is part of a major exposÉ based on a new website called pete peterson pyramid. lisa graves is an editor of the site, which links billionaires like pete peterson to the campaign to fix the debt. john nichols, lay out who pete peterson is and how he fits into this picture of sequester that we look like we're about to see by the end of the week. >> pete peterson is an old school moderate republican. he is not some sort of hard-line conservative. he is a very expensive suit, a private jet, mineral water kind of guy. he has been obsessed for a number of years with restructuring the u.s. economy, in particular, u.s. fiscal policy. this is important. pete peterson and the people around him do not want -- i was a just particularly interested in fixing the dead were dealing with deficits. what they're really interested in is taking advantage of a moment when the united states is looking at these issues to establish a very different approach to a host of issues. at the
Feb 19, 2013 4:00pm PST
of "newsweek" and the daily beast and john nichols of "the nation." you're laughing, john. this is serious business. okay? let's get started here. michelle, this is interesting because the use of the word mistake is fascinating. i mean, you can do an exegesis of that word. was the mistake falling in love and going off -- he's apparently still with this woman. he's been divorced. what was the mistake he acknowledges here? i can't even figure out how to discern what he's talking about sometimes with these guys, but he's learned a lot from it, and he has much better empathy and much more reflective in life. >> that's right. >> so he made a mistake, but he's somehow better for it. explain how that works. >> you have to focus on how he's learned, chris. he's grown, he understands humility and self-reflection and compassion. this is a guy who didn't just cheat on his wife. this is a guy who cheated on his wife, lied to his constituents, told them -- he disappeared from office and then humiliated himself and the state by rambling on and on and on about his soulmate and how he had fallen in love.
Feb 8, 2013 5:00pm PST
tonight. let's turn to john nichols, washington correspondent of the nation magazine. also with us this evening goldie taylor of the goldie taylor project and mike papantonio. urging the dems to go on the offense when it comes to policy. good advice? what do you think? >> exceptionally good advice. the republican party is off message right now. they're struggling with themselves. they're actually under karl rove organizing against one another. and so it's a good message. and it's especially good if he focused on that issue of austerity, saying the democratic party should be the party of growth, not the party of cuts. >> goldie, if the democrats can't get immigration reform done before the midterms, how big of a loss will that be? >> i think it's a real problem. and it will be a crisis in leadership. not in modern times have we had a former president be in this kind of position to be able to counsel his party in the way that bill clinton has. i think it is the right message. i think it is dead-on. and you're absolutely right. we need comprehensive immigration reform before the mid t
Feb 22, 2013 5:00pm PST
strategist angela ragg. is the president overreacting? let's just say rand paul is spot-on. john nichols, is the president overreacting? >> he absolutely is not overreacting. the sequester is austerity. it is -- it's not slowing the rate of growth. our population is growing. our needs are growing. if you slow down the amount of spending you've got at a time when you have growth and population, you are making severe cuts. and the sequester is really the first installment on an austerity agenda that poses huge threats according to government and private sector analyses to our abolishmeemployment rate an potential for growth. the president is not lying nor is he being historionic or overboard. >> i don't know what the president strategy is, but it looks to me like there is not one. they're saying different things and reacting on different points and none of them make sense. when you talk about sequestration or across the board cuts, we're talking about things that impact the lives of real people. they want to see small government. well, small government doesn't work when you have a large po
Feb 19, 2013 5:00pm PST
in john nichols, washington correspondent of the nation magazine. john, good to have you with us tonight. there are no boundaries when it comes to making stuff up with the republicans. where is the republican party right now? they are baseless in their facts and their attacks. they claim that there are massive cover-ups of benghazi. the list goes on and on. does anybody believe this is good for our political process? >> well, it can't possibly be good for the political process, ed. you know, the interesting thing is that the great contribution of the republican party to american politics for many, many years was moderate republicans, responsible players who might well tell a liberal democrat to back off a little bit, but they would also tell a conservative to back off a little. that has just disappeared from the republican party. and now we have a situation, ed, where someone like a lindsey graham, who ten years ago might well have worked with some democrats, is so afraid of a tea party republican primary in south carolina that he continues to spout nonsense. i mean, even when chuck hage
Feb 19, 2013 2:00pm PST
, but that they had the craziest way of write being it and talking about it with the voter. john nichols, was the mistake when he thought he was on the appalachian trail somewhere down in the united states along the mountains, he was actually in buenos aries. i thought i was on the appalachian trail. that's a mistake. that's when you make a mistake. his mistake was he fell in love, fine. what did he do that he considers a mistake and what does he benefit in terms of the voters going back to d.c.? is he bringing the woman from argentina with him back to d.c.? where does he stand on this thing? >> well, it gets pretty wild, doesn't it, because all the questions you ask are appropriate ones. and the first question really is, if he had made a bigger mistake, if he had done something worse, would he be better qualified for congress? because that seems to be the argument he's making. and, of course, the reality of it is the biggest mistake he made was lying. he lied to his own staff. he lied to the people of south carolina. and he got caught in an enormous way. >> what should he have done? now
Feb 28, 2013 2:00pm PST
'm joined by the nation's john nichols and michael shearer with "time." the reason we're probably going to have sequestration, we're probably going to have all kinds of problems is because it's better than having to do what you don't want to do. republicans don't want to raise taxes. democrats don't want to touch the entitlements. >> i agree with that but i think it's better in short term. the republicans and the white house have cal vat clated and only one will be right if they let this happen they will be in a stronger position in two weeks going into a government shutdown which is the next thing ha happens at the end of the march. wufer of them is going to be right and one is going to be wrong. the pressure is going to slowly build ever outrage in the country. if we get to a point where nonessential services are also shut down, the pressure will get greater. at that point, at some point they are going to have to deal with this. the idea of sequestration staying as it's designed, not just the top line number of cuts, but as its designed noud through the end of september in which you'r
Feb 11, 2013 7:00pm PST
. and penny marshal, john mcenroe, and michael moore also have it in common. and what does mike nichols have in common? and oscar winning director, mike nichols have in common with brittany spears? remember, it has absolutely nothing to do with show business. it is what meryl streep has in common with the temptations. the most successful producer of our time has in common with oprah winfrey. it is what jennifer aniston has in common, with ed koch, the former mayor who died last week. what paul rudd has in common with c. everett coop, the surgeon general. obviously, i could go on and on, i will give you the final clue of what unlocks this mystery, of what all of these people have in common, every name i have mentioned so far has this same thing in common. and here is that final clue that should allow you to figure it all out. what does sarah silverman have in common with marion wright edelman, the president and founder of the children's defense fund? come on, it is not obvious yet. okay, one more. one more hint. what does former president jimmy carter have in common with rabbi david saberstei
Feb 22, 2013 9:00am EST
have, and i don't disagree with john that as a military force and no one does it better when we come together as a joint force. there's no question about that. but when we passed the goldwater-nichols act, which gave birth to a jointness, 'i really do believe that we should take a look at that now, because in many instances the number of people that we are flowing into joint headquarters and joint commands is it there to do the work of that commands or is it fair to put a brand of jointness on someone so they are eligible for senior promotions? anytime you put a policy in place, you have to go back and look at it and is it doing what you wanted it to do? one of my great quotations from churchill is regardless of how beautiful the strategy may be, you should occasionally look at the results. >> a question. >> are you asking me a question? >> a key feature of col goldwater-nichols, you have to have a joint assignment. are you suggesting we ought to rethink that? saying is we'm should look at the model and when that's done and how it's done, because right now we have a significant numbe
Search Results 0 to 26 of about 27 (some duplicates have been removed)